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Detroit All Wheel Drive

THE LAST CAR RUNNING 1982 Demoltion Derby documentary

Here's that 1982 "documentary" on demolition derby in upstate NY you have been looking for

Dr. Steve Brule "Sweetberry Wine" (Original)

And here's some more Steve Brule

The World Champion of "Death Diving" Truls Torp (Bellyflopping)

Of course Norway owns the world of competitive belly flopping

He is owning the air, he is the boss of the air, he is so tight


Bryan Fox and co

What inspired that?
Probably some of the super-tech shit that hinders snowboarding culture from moving forward because it's so acrobatic. That stuff is crazy to watch and I love that it exists, but it seems like they're trying to make snowboarding a viewer-oriented sport instead of a cool activity that people can participate in. And there's no culture that comes with that. There's nothing for people to identify with. So I wanted Yesterday to sort of be an antithesis to all that.

And now high speed drones