The original PowderJet shape. When we introduced the Cleaver in 2010, it’s unique design helped revolutionize modern snowboard shapes. For many riders, this is the perfect east coast powder board, especially for tree riding. Others are shredding around the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, and in the Tetons and Wasatch areas too. The Cleaver is a board for specific riding styles, and it’s kind of shockingly versatile…If you know you want to ride a Cleaver, there’s just no substitute. Effortless float, quick, surfy turns, snappy flex. It’s a one of a kind ride, and it’s wicked fun.

With stainless steel edges and binding inserts, a rugged extruded ptex base, this simple directional shape is ready to shred any terrain.

As with all PowderJets, the Cleaver is hand crafted by Jesse Loomis. Each board is made up of four plies of FSC certified hardwood, two layers of biaxial fiberglass, one sheet of extruded UHMW ptex base material, Entropy bio-resin, stainless steel edges and inserts, and nothing else. We put more elbow grease and less materials into our boards so they’ll mean more to you and less to the planet.

**Graphics on pictured Cleaver are an example only. We work with you to design a custom topsheet.

available in two lengths: 151cm or 155cm


effective edge: 125.75 cm

nose width: 29.2 cm

waist width: 24.9cm

tail width: 28.5cm

sidecut radius: 7.4m


effective edge: 132cm

nose width: 30.2cm

waist width: 25.2cm

tail width: 29.7cm

sidecut radius: 7.9m

board length:
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