"Snowboarding on a ski mountain is like playing croquet on the 18th green” she once said. “You can do it, but I don't think it's appropriate."

- Former Mad River Owner Betsy Pratt

I wanted to call the PowderJet split "The Mallet" simply so I would remember that quote every time I slashed away their precious and protected powder. With the mainstreaming of snowboarding, it is increasingly easy to forget our roots and all the work that those before us put in. Mad River Glen stands as a reminder that many still view snowboarding as an inferior means to enjoy the snow, not worthy of sharing the mountain with the more pure skiers. We say FUCK THAT and so should you.


A Snowboarder's History of MRG

"There are many stories and legends about the whole Mad River Ban on snowboarding - I think a lot of things happening at the same time brought on the ban. Here's the Town Meeting Day Shut Down story that I think forever closed the mountain to snowboarders." - Seth Neary

How To Poach MRG

For the past six years, I have been dedicated to chewing up as much powder before first chair as humanly possible. It started as a protest, a constant reminder to those elites waiting in the single chair line, but has grown to be one of my favorite places to ride. I feel every snowboarder should experience the MRG poach at least once. This is the basic knowledge you will need to avoid a bunch of mistakes I made and enjoy your poach.